Canine and feline nutrition and dietetics -  A guide for the general practitioner

Nutricion veterinaria

he centrality of nutrition in the state of health of pets has emerged only in the

recent years, both to prolong their life expectancy and to prevent the onset of

serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus or liver lipidosis. The goal of

this book is that each veterinarian can clearly answer the questions that are most

frequently asked by the owners: Which type of food to choose? How to navigate between the different products on the market? The text also provides real recipes to be proposed in synergy with the nutritional handbooks of various food manufacturers, to consciously choose and be able to compare the nutritional characteristics of different products on the market. Nutrition is a fundamental aspect in the relationship between owners and pets and for this reason the text also gives great importance to aspects related to behavior and alimentary disturbances on an emotional basis.